Past the first post

It’s just over a month until the UK goes to the polls in what looks like being one of the best or worst elections in living memory.

The best, perhaps, because we might be seeing the end of an era of politics characterised by two parties fighting it out to occupy a centrist territory delineated by the views of focus groups. The worst, because the art of misleading and withholding information from voters has reached new heights, to the point where we are being asked to vote for or against £12bn of mystery spending cuts. (The two may or may not be related.)

So I suppose that starting a policy blog at a time like this inevitably means writing about things that are at least loosely related to the election. However, as far as possible*, these posts will stick to facts and figures and avoid the unsubstantiated speculation of the previous paragraph.

More generally, this blog will try to shed some light on public policy issues by looking at relevant data and evidence, using interesting charts and graphics wherever possible. So lots of pictures – like a sketchbook (geddit?).

Right, so that’s the first post done, even if it’s not hugely inspiring. I hope you enjoy the blog, or at the very least read it.

* As far as possible, but no further


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